If you want to use Dual Whatsapp in your single phone then you can use mod apps of Whatsapp There are several Whatsapp mod apps available for Android phones like gbwhatsapp, Whatsapp plus, yowhatsapp , Whatsapp gold but GB WhatsApp is best WhatsApp mod apk and its features also awesome in this app some extra features that not in WhatsApp official app today I will tell you all about gb WhatsApp and you can also download install a GB Whatsapp latest version from this website

gbwhatsapp download latest version


mostly people use it to run two Whatsapp in a phone and it’s some additional features make it even better In today’s time there will be no such person who does not use WhatsApp We have to send a message to anyone or we have to send a media file.

We can send it very quickly and easily with its help Can also send voice messages and make video audio calls Today the WhatsApp has become the need of all Whatsapp is developed by the Yahoo employees And later it was bought by Facebook And it soon became very popular messenger And today it has 1.3

billion users all over the world Looking its popularity many developers have made its mods apps gbwhatsapp is one of them If you have ever used Gb Whatsapp before you would have been aware of its features This app was previously available on the Play Store but today this app is not available on play store But today I am going to share its download link with you-you can download it from here



download gb whatsapp




Gbwhatsapp is modded version of WhatsApp There are many countless features in this Which are not in the official app There are many mods of WhatsApp but gb whatsapp is best than all it was developed by GBMods ( Atnfas Hoak ) After the launch application, it has been updated several times and many time developers fixed its bugs And developers have always tried to make it better than the official app

And its additional features and complete control over their privacy. makes it even better than the official app And it runs in both the root and non-root phones One thing I can say with full confidence is that once you install it on your phone you will love it very much When I first time installed it on my phone, I did not know about its additional features but when I started using it I was impressed by its features So today I am using  Gb whatsapp version along with the Whatsapp official




Download GB WhatsApp Latest Version apk 2018


These are some additional information about Gb whatsapp

6.55 version info
Version name 6.55
Apk size 34.46
Compatibility versions Android 4.0 & up
developers GBMODS
Downloads 85,000,00 +
Last update September 30 2018
Main task Additional features with whatsapp official features


This latest version of GB Whatsapp 6.55 has been added to many new features which were not in its old versions But if you want to install the old version of gb whatsapp in the Android phone, today I will share the latest and all old versions of gb whatsapp with you. Well, I would suggest you download the latest version of it because The latest version is a bug fixed version. If you have an Android phone of version 4.0 or above, you can install the latest version 6.55 of gb whatsapp on your phone. But if you do not have Android version 4.0 or above, then you can install its older versions 6.25, 6.30, 6.40


download gb whatsapp 6.55



What’re new features added to its latest version 6.55 apk ?

gb whatsapp

If you use Gb whatsapp already so You will have been waiting for its latest version for a long time. So now that its latest version has arrived. So you will wonder what’s new in it So now I will tell you which new features are there in this version

  • There are 4 new types of ticks added in this.
  • There is no need to press the audio button to record the audio clip in it.
  • New Mention button has been added to it.
  • A new UI of the broadcast page.
  • Crash issues and bug issues are have been fixed.
  • Edit option has been added in  auto-reply message feature.
  • Status Download Bug issue Has Been Fixed.
  • You can search any them with the name of that theme.
  • Themes collection has been increased.

Here I have told about what is new in this latest version 6.55 of Gb whatsapp. If you want to download this latest version of gbwhatsapp, then I have mentioned above the link you download it from there Or you can do it by clicking on the button given below.


download gb whatsapp 6.55


gb whatsapp all version download links

I am going to share with you the download links of its all old Versions You can download all of its old versions from here. If you want to download its latest version 6.40.1, then I have also shared the download link above it You can download the latest version from the above link. So now I will share the download links of all old Versions of gb whatsapp



download gbwhatsapp 6.40.1


download gbwhatsapp 6.40


download gbwhatsapp 6.30


download gbwhatsapp 6.25


download gbwhatsapp 6.20


download gbwhatsapp 6.10


download gbwhatsapp 6.0


download gbwhatsapp 5.90


download gbwhatsapp 5.80


download gbwhatsapp v5.50


All FEATURES of gb whatsapp


As I mentioned above, there are so many features in gb whatsapp Which is not in the official app So now I will tell you about all its additional features Let’s see if its features can make you crazy.


You can download status in this app

Yes, you can download status in Gb whatsapp.  Whatsapp, you can only see the status of your friends but in gb whatsapp, you can download status and  you can easily save images, videos, media files that are posted by your friends. for more information click here


you can hide second tick in this app

yes, You can hide only the blue tick in WhatsApp but in it, you can hide the second tick too.  for more information click here


message scheduler feature

in this app you can set the time and date to send message to your friend by using message scheduler feature And the message will send automatically on that date and time.  for more info click here


features part – 2

  • It provides approximately 100+ language support.
  • You can make your theme in Gb whatsapp
  • You can hide or view status privacy in this apk
  • you can lock the chat of any friend by one click
  • The status of any friend can be copied to the clipboard with one click
  • Can share videos of more than 50mb.
  • You can send a broadcast message up to 600 people at a time.
  • Only you can hide Blue Tick and Last Seen in Whatsapp but in GB WhatsApp you can hide second tick, blue tick, last seen, and more
  • very easy to share long status in this because we can share 255 words instead of 139.
  • There is no restriction issue
  • crash issues fixed in this



how to intall whatsapp gb in android phone

You can download Whatsapp from the above link but how do you can install it on your phone. I’ll tell you to step by step how can install WhatsApp GB on android phone.

To install this application in a phone, you need to enable Unknown Source in phone Settings. We all know that after downloading any app from third party website, we can not install it without enable unknown source.

It is also easy to enabling it, you just have to go to the phone settings then click on security and enable the Unknown source.

How to install it, I have told you below, just follow it




First download GB WhatsApp apk from above link. the above available the old versions and new version link download what you want to install on your phone


Now go to phone setting and then click on Security and enable the Unknown source.  You can see in the screenshot


Now find and click the downloaded file. And now the right side will keep clicking on the install until the install is gone.


Now open gb whatsapp and enter your phone number and you can run it after verifying number by OTP



Features of gb WhatSapp and how to use. For more information on this, watch the video below.


 how to download gb whatsapp in pc/window

We all know Gb whatsapp is only for Android Mobile but I have shared below complete information about how can run it in the window pc.

It’s easy to run in a Windows PC but you have to download a software in your laptop/computer.

Follow the information given below on how to use it in the window



first. Download best emulator in your windows computer. I would suggest you use  BLISS or bluestack 3






I have mentioned above the download link of both emulator. You can download either of both



Once the emulator is downloaded, You can install any Android app in this emulator. For this, you need to sign in to the Play Store with your Gmail account. But as we know we can not download GBWA from the Play Store




Now you can download Gb whatsapp from our site from your computer’s browser.  After downloading, go to the folder in which it is an app and select it and by right click, click on Open it With Bluestacks.

Now in a while, this application will be installed in BlueStack and you can use it on your computer/laptop



Similarly, you can install other apps which are not available on the Play Store or you can download the available App Games on the Play Store from Bluestacks Play Store.



As we know we can not install Android Apps Direct in Mac. But we can install the Android apk in Mac with the help of Android emulator. Follow the information given below to learn how to install Android Apps in Mac.



First download GB WHATSAPP APK file in your Mac from our website. above I have shared the download link of the old versions and the latest version. You can download any version but I would recommend you download the latest version.



Now download & install Android emulator ( bluestack )  in your Mac. Will be a 350mb size emulator for Mac.  You can see in the screenshot below I have downloaded Bluestacks. 




After installing the bluestack, open it. And now we have to install GB WhatsApp in this emulator As we did in the window. For this, you can install it by searching from the search bar in the top of the emulator. I would consultation you to move the apk file to a place where you can quickly find By doing this you will find the file quickly and install it in the emulator. You can see the screenshot below, I opened it in the Mac. by bluestack help

download gb whatsapp in mac



After installing it in the emulator, you can run it easily. If you already use whatsapp, then verify gbwhatsapp with another number and enjoy it in Mac.


I have given full details of installing it in the mac. You can install it by following it and if you have any problems installing it then tell us in the comment box below,


How to Install GB Whatsapp app on iPhone?

After learning about additional features of Gbwhatsapp, the user also thinks that he enjoys Gbwhatsapp features in his iPhone but  this apk is not available for iPhone user.

GBMOD developers are working on it. And in the future, this app will be available for iPhone user. But till the app is not available for Iphone, till then you can run it in your phone with the help of the trick described below.



First download & install  Android emulator in your ios device. For this you can search on google. emulator for ios device.


after the installing android emulator on ios. download gbwhatsapp apk from this web page.



Just now you have to install this app in this emulator. The way we did in Mac and windows. I hope you enjoy it by installing it in a Iphone


Unless Gbwhatsapp is released for Iphone. By then you can run it with the help of emulator. and it will be available for soon, And as soon as it is released, we will share it in our site


how to hide second tick in whatsapp gb

We all know that we can Hide Blue Tick in Whatsapp. But in Gb WhatsApp, we can also hide the second tick. We also know that the first tick means the message has been sent and the second means the message has been delivered and blue means the message has been seen. So let me tell you now. how to hide the second tick in Gbwhatsapp.

gb whatsapp second tick hide

Just open up Gbwhatsapp and click on the menu above and then click on the privacy. Here you can hide the second tick. Here you will simply click on the Hide second tick to hide the second tick.  Here you can also hide. blue microphone, view status, online status, blue tick etc.


how to schedule message in gb whatsapp

As we know. in this app you can set the time and date to send the message to your friend by using message scheduler feature And the message will send automatically on that date and time. I love this feature. Because this feature does not let my GF get angry with me. because With its help, I wished my girlfriend at 12 am on her birthday and her smile makes me happy. With the help of this feature, you can also wish any special person on the event, birthday at 12 am.  if you don’t know how to use the message scheduler feature. I mentioned this below, you just follow it.



First, open Gbwhatsapp and after that click on the right side menu (three dots). Now here you can see the message scheduler on the fifth number. and click on that



After clicking on the on the message scheduler, now click on right side plus sign. and Now select the person whom you want to send the message & Now you have to set the time-date and message in the page that is open. And then click on the schedule.download gb whatsapp apk for android


And now this message will be sent to at the time and date set by you.


How to Recall Sent Messages in GB Whatsapp app?

This feature is awesome. With the help of this feature, we can delete the message it was by mistake sent. This feature is currently added to the official apk too. But this feature has been added to the official WhatsApp apk later. Although these features had come to WhatsApp GB apk several days ago. So let’s know about this feature.



First you open Gb whatsapp. And now you open the chat of any of your friends or a group. scilicet, Where you want to delete the message



now long press the message that you want to delete. And then click on the delete icon. And now click on delete for everyone. And this message will delete from both sides.

delete message in gbwhatsapp


So in this way you can delete the message from both sides. You can use this feature in both WhatsApp and GB WhatsApp apk, I hope you understand how to use this feature. To enjoy this feature, download the latest version from the Download button above to get Gb WhatsApp latest version.



how to download status in gb whatsapp

Yes, we can download the status in GB Whatsapp apk. Whenever we see at someone’s status, So sometimes we like a status that we want to download. But we can not download in WhatsApp. But if you use GB Whatsapp latest version, then you can download the status. Read the line below I have shared the complete information about downloading the status

gb whatsapp app download

It’s very easy to download the status in gb whatsapp. Just open the status you want to download. Now click on the 3 dots on the top of the right side and then click on Download. Once you click on download, the status will be saved in your phone.


last word

I have shared full information about gb Whatsapp in this article. I hope you have downloaded Gb Whatsapp latest version from the above link. If you have a problem downloading it then contact us from the Contact us page. And do not hesitate to contact us with any suggestions or complaints about this site.